How people manage their time (or not) – aka meet Alison & Pete

Good time management starts with recognising the value of time and treating it accordingly.


In 2008, the New York Times reported that in the US, in office environments, 28% of each day is wasted by interruptions that are neither urgent or important such as unnecessary emails and the time to get back on track.


These days, there are many productivity aids that may achieve the opposite. Not just emails, but emails multiple communication channels, ie social media, messaging, emails and phones (remember them?) which now comes with you when you leave your desk.

The expectation of constant availability and instant response has created huge pressures on time


  • Whom would you like to work with? Pete or Alison? Why?
  • How many of Pete or Alison’s characteristics do you share?
  • Do you think that good time management is a natural talent or a learned behaviour?