We use the best-practice detailed within a variety of International Management System Standards to guide our advice, consultancy, support and training. Centuries of management wisdom distilled into products and services for use in your business. Become a World-class competitor in today’s global markets.

How We Do It?

The way that we work with our customers and their businesses is enshrined in our strap line: Analyse – Implement – Improve. Our experts have decades of experience in various aspects of management and are dedicated to supporting growing businesses, and the people who work within them, as you steer a route to success. Whatever support you require, whether that’s at individual, team or business level, we will work with you to devise the optimal strategy for your specific needs.


Your Flintloque Management System is simply the way that your operational processes and your personnel’s behaviours fit together to run your business. Management Systems vary from business to business, ranging from the very informal through to a highly formal and structured International Management System Standard. The choice is yours.

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Good managers are usually well-trained and highly competent. Great managers understand that you can never stop learning. From the early days of your management career through to running your first team or your own business, Flintloque Management Training can help you to develop the management best-practice behaviours that will propel your career and your business forward.

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Every business operates within a statutory and regulatory framework; the laws and industry guidelines that govern that business sector. Keeping track of the rapid changes in your sector can be difficult. Remaining compliant to the myriad requirements can be time-consuming. Flintloque FMC offers a complete compliance service delivered through a bespoke software platform.

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If you want to reach your maximum potential in business, let us know and we’ll see how Flintloque can help.

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