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Save Cost And Time With Our FMC

The costly and time consuming tasks of creating a management system, including writing documentation, defining processes and training personnel, can be both a drain on your physical resources and the emotional desire of your personnel to achieve compliance. Investing all available resources merely to get to the starting line is a difficult approach to sell to your people.

Flintloque offers a complete compliance management package to go with the implementation of an ISO 9001:2015 management system. Our Fully-Managed Compliance (FMC) product is a secure, online platform that hosts teams and the experts that support and empower them.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the time, effort and costs required to achieve compliance certification
  • Remote access eliminates on-site dependency and associated expense
  • No more delays in document and process creation
  • Prescribe how tasks are to be undertaken and monitor progress
  • Delegate a task to an expert and consider it done
  • Users go free, there are no per user license fees
  • Step-by-step instructions and quick-start reminders
  • All the facts at your fingertips enabling informed decision making
  • Training through the platform is available on demand and is user-led

Your Bespoke FMC Workspace

Your Workspace within the platform is feature-loaded, always-on and securely hosted. It comes with ready-to-run processes and a streamlined audit workflow. You can manage, track and support compliance as it happens within your close-knit team or across multiple sites, languages and time zones.

Every business operates within a statutory and regulatory framework; the laws and industry guidelines that govern that business sector. Keeping track of the rapid changes can be difficult; remaining compliant to the myriad requirements can be time-consuming. Flintloque’s Fully-Managed Compliance (FMC) product offers a solution delivered through offers a bespoke software platform.

Enterprise-Grade Management Platform

An intuitive feature set that does the heavy lifting of deploying your policies and maintaining the integrity of processes and records.

Expertise is integrated within an enterprise-grade management platform and is capable of scaling with your needs and available budget. You decide how to deploy that in-app expertise on an ad hoc (SOS) or retained (SLA) basis.

What We Can Do For You

  • Understanding the Requirements of the Standard
  • Introduction to “The Five Pillars of Quality” TM
  • Management System Gap-Analysis
  • Provision of Template Documentation
  • Determination of Applicable Statutory and Regulatory Framework
  • Maintenance of Statutory and Regulatory Framework
  • Conduct of Internal Audits
  • Conduct of Supplier Audits
  • Chairing Management Review Meetings

If you want to reach your maximum potential in business, let us know and we’ll see how Flintloque can help.

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