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Treat the Cause not the Symptom

I was working with an engineering company last year, let’s call them Engineering-4-U to retain their anonymity, and they maintained a large team of highly-trained engineers to service and maintain their customers’ equipment throughout the UK.  The team worked long hours with lots of travelling required, but their pay and conditions weren’t great. I was … Continue reading “Treat the Cause not the Symptom”

Motivation is Vital

In the last blog, I explained how we’d helped Additup Accountancy Ltd to put in place an efficient recruitment process, allowing them to recruit the best people that they can, and retain them.  Now, a failure to retain personnel can cause a small business no end of problems as one person leaving out of a … Continue reading “Motivation is Vital”

Recruit in the right way

One of the more common problems encountered in business concerns the recruitment, training, loss, re-recruitment, re-training, etc., of personnel.  In larger corporations, this is just a normal way of life and they tend to have their own specific departments dedicated to organizing such.  However, in a small business, the loss of one or two members … Continue reading “Recruit in the right way”

A well oiled machine

One of the businesses with which I started working last year had a management system than was humming…not like a well-oiled machine, sadly, more like a rotting fish. They had a lot of the right components in place to have their operations purring like a cat, but they had problems keeping all their management review … Continue reading “A well oiled machine”

Put a file in your briefcase

Please note that some file formats can trigger alerts from malware or security software when downloaded again from your briefcase
Be assured, the briefcase stores your files in the form that they are uploaded. Unless the file is infected before it enters the briefcase, you have nothing to fear! The security software is simply being a little overzealous.

Files must be less than 128 MB.
Allowed file types: txt doc docx pdf html xls xlsx ppt pptx rtf.