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Better Regulation means less red tape

The Better Regulation Delivery Office is the part of Government tasked with making what they call regulation, and you call red tape, more business friendly.


You can read about their work at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/better-regulation-delivery-o..


The problem, a lot of it is written in Government Gobblydegook and the bits that aren’t have often been spun tighter than a spider’s web.


So we’ll try and unpack the key points for you in our red tape shredder.

Write your thoughts in your notebook


Put a file in your briefcase

Please note that some file formats can trigger alerts from malware or security software when downloaded again from your briefcase
Be assured, the briefcase stores your files in the form that they are uploaded. Unless the file is infected before it enters the briefcase, you have nothing to fear! The security software is simply being a little overzealous.

Files must be less than 128 MB.
Allowed file types: txt doc docx pdf html xls xlsx ppt pptx rtf.