ISO 44001

ISO 44001 – The Collaborative Business Relationships Standard

This International Standard sets out guidance for establishing and managing robust and successful collaborative business relationships, thus creating beneficial partnerships that enhance competitive performance. ISO 44001 provides a management framework for working in partnership with one or more organisations to share knowledge, skills and resources effectively, and is applicable to SMEs through to public corporations. This helps all involved to meet mutual goals, better manage their costs and risks, and enables levels of innovation not normally achieved in a typical client-supplier relationship.


Flintloque works with Adrian Quayle, one of the people who wrote the precursor, BS 11000, to the new standard, to deliver workshops on collaboration best-practice. Adrian has decades of experience in this area and was inducted into the IAOP’s Leadership Hall of Fame in October 2015. It would be difficult to find anyone better with whom to work in this field. Together, we delivered a series of workshops at the Sci-Tech Daresbury campus, which were part of a BSI case study: Successful Collaborations Collaborative Working Case Study – BS 11000


Building on our other learning tools ‘The Five Pillars of Quality’™, we’ve developed ‘The Five Pillars of Collaboration’™ to help organisations to implement an ISO 44001-compliant business relationship management system.


The Five Pillars of Collaboration™ are: 1) Devising a collaboration strategy and deriving its objectives, 2) Assessing and selecting your collaborative partner(s), 3) Developing the relationship rather than (just) the deal, 4) Delivering the promise of value within the relationship, and 5) Overseeing the people and their behaviours. The Pillars are built upon a foundation stone of the Relationship Management Plan and are capped by a compass rose, representing your Core Values.


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