Flintloque Learning – Planning to achieve business continuity

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Welcome to this course designed to help you plan for business continuity in the face of the threats that you face. This course covers the planning process and the things you need to put in place in advance of an adverse event to enable you to cope and carry on your business. This course is accompanied by our follow-on course Managing adverse events using your business continuity plan, which deals with what to do when the worst happens. As the name suggests, you will need to complete this course before attempting that one, to get the most from it.

To get the most from this course you will need to allow time to complete the activities and to reflect on your own practice, but it is divided into sections so that you can complete it in a number of sessions.

We advise you to complete each section at one sitting to maximise your learning, but allowing time between study sessions may enhance your learning by allowing additional time for reflection on both your learning and your current practices.

At the end, there is an online test, successful completion of which will enable you to get a certificate to provide evidence of your learning. You should be able to demonstrate what you learnt going forward in changes to your behaviours.